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The books listed below are a sampling of recent, patient and family-oriented publications. Most listings show title, authors, publisher, year, and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for hard-to-find books. These and other books may be available for purchase online from the American Cancer Society  or from the Prostate Cancer Book Store, a joint effort of and

ABC's of Prostate Cancer: The Book That Could Save Your Life. Oesterling, Joseph E., Madison Books, Incorporated, 1997, ISBN#: 1-56833-097-9

Affirming the Darkness: An Extended Conversation about Living with Prostate Cancer. Wheeler, Chuck and Martha, Memoirs Unlimited, 1996, ISBN#: 1-889833-00-2

An Oncologist’s View of Prostate Cancer: Understanding the Facts, Sorting through the Options. Vijayakumar, Srinivasan, University of Chicago, 1999

Brother to Brother: You Don't Have to Die with Prostate Cancer. Illustrated] Walker, Thomas L., Eternal Gold Publishers, 1998, ISBN#: 0-9665465-0-4

Hit Below the Belt: Facing Up to Prostate Cancer. Berberich, F. Ralph, Celestial Arts, Toronto, 2004, ISBN#: 1-58761-077-9

Hormonal Therapy: Will It Benefit Me? Kaltenbach, Donald F., Prostate Cancer Resource Network Inc., 1997.

How to Interpret Your Biopsy: And Other Lab Reports. Kaltenbach, Donald F., Prostate Cancer Resource Network, Inc., 1996, ISBN#: 0-9651827-1-1

How I Survived Prostate Cancer…and So Can You. Lewis, James, Health Education Literary Publisher, Westbury, 1994

Living with Prostate Cancer. [Illustrated] Newton, Audrey C., McClelland & Stewart Tundra Books, 1997, ISBN#: 0-7710-6779-8

Love, Sex & PSA: Living & Loving with Prostate Cancer. [Illustrated] Hitchcox, Robert, TMC Press, 1997, ISBN#: 0-9659734-0-9

Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer. Korda, Michael, Random House, Incorporated, 1995, ISBN#: 0-679-44844-6

Me Too: A Doctor Survives Prostate Cancer. Payne, James E., WRS Group, Incorporated, 1995, ISBN#: 1-56796-086-3

My Prostate and Me. Martin, William, Cadell& Davies, New York, 1994, ISBN#: 1-56977-888-4

New Guidelines for Surviving Prostate Cancer. [Illustrated]Lewis, James, Jr. and Berger, E Roy, Health Education Literary Publisher, 1997, ISBN#: 1-883257-13-1

A Patient's Guide to Prostate Cancer: An Expert's Successful Treatment Strategies & Options. Garnick, Marc, NAL Dutton, 1996, ISBN#: 0-452-27455-9

Prostate Cancer. Kantoff, Philip, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1996, ISBN#: 0-395-84549-1

The Prostate Cancer Answer Book: An Unbiased Guide to Treatment Choices. Morra, Marion and Potts, Eve, Avon Books, 1996, ISBN#: 0-380-78564-1

Prostate Cancer Detection & Cure. [Illustrated]Durrani, A M., Swan Publishing Company, 1997, ISBN#: 0-943629-30-6

Prostate Cancer: A Doctor's Personal Triumph. Fine, Saralee and Robert, Paul S. Eriksson Publisher, 1999, ISBN#: 0-8397-6808-7

Prostate Cancer: A Family Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment & Survival. Marks, Sheldon, Fisher Books, 1999, ISBN#: 1-55561-206-7

Prostate Cancer: A Non-Surgical Perspective. Wallner, Kent, Smart Medicine Press, 1996, ISBN#: 0-9648991-0-8

Prostate Cancer: Overcoming Denial with Action: A Guide to Screening, Treatment & Healing. Salowe, Allen E., Saint Martin's Press, 1998, ISBN#: 0-312-18159-0

Prostate Cancer: Questions & Answers. [Illustrated]Buck, Colin, Merit Publishing International, Incorporated, 1995, ISBN#: 1-873413-85-8

Prostate Cancer: Resource for Patients &Their Families. American Cancer Society, Villard Books, 1999, ISBN#: 0-375-75319-2

Prostate Cancer: Treatment & Recovery. Handy, Richard Y., Prometheus Books, 1996, ISBN#: 1-57392-074-6

A Revolutionary Approach to Prostate Cancer: Alternatives to Standard Treatment Options, Doctors & Survivors Share Their Stories. [Illustrated]Pilgrim, Aubrey, Sterling House Publishers, 1998, ISBN#: 1-56315-086-7

The Prostate: A guide for Men and the Women Who Love Them. Walsh, P., Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1995, ISBN#: 0-8018-4989-6

The Prostate Cancer Sourcebook: How to Make Informed Treatment Choices. Loo, Marcus H. and Betancourt, Marian, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated , 1998, ISBN#: 0-471-15927-1

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